Publications  (solo Poetry books )

2009  A Court of Miracles. Catling compendium. Etruscan Books

2007  Bobby Awl. Etruscan books  

2001 Thyhand  published by Alfred Davis Press.

2001  Large Ghost,  Equipage.2001

2001  Late Harping. Etruscan books 2001

The Blindings, Bookworks. 

The First London Halo (single book), Bookworks.

Thy hand, Parataxis.

Soundings; A Tractate Of Absence, Matt's Gallery.

Future Exiles, Three London Poets, Paladin Press.

The Stumbling Block, Bookworks.

Boschlog, Few Goats Press,  N.Y.C.


2001 TWENTIETH- CENTURY BRITISH AND IRISH POETRY, ed, K. Tuma. New York.  OUP.  ISBN 0-19-512893-1

2004  VANISHING POINTS. Ed. Rob Mengham & John Kinsella . Salt Publishing.

ISBN 1876857137

2002  Pittancer in KULTUREFLASH. On net.

1996  Conductors Of Chaos,  Picador.

1992  The New British Poetry,  Paladin.

The Leipzig Cyclops, catalogue of video installation texts, in English and German. 

Simon Perril's book on my work TENDING THE VORTEX is published by CCCP